As you can see The Boredom Buster Website is going through some change. We now have a features page which will include AIO and BBP related pages. Right now the only feature we have available is the Wallpaper Page. Which already has three different computer wallpapers to choose from.
There will be more available in the future. If you have any ideas on a feature page for the BBP website, we would love to hear them. 
In other news Alex Jefferson, creator of Just Another AIO Blog. Has given information about his top secret project. There will be two more pages added to his blog. He has not stated what they will be for, but that will be up tomorrow. Also he has just released his no AIO Message Board. That's all for now, make sure you check the wallpaper page before you leave.

fodo14( a.k.a Noah)
The Averys results have been posted! You can listen to the newest Official AIO Podcast to hear the results. I was a little surprised that almost every avery was given to The Labyrinth Part 1-3, but hey the fans have spoken. I also thought the clips in between the podcast about what would happen if Connie and Mitch got married. Were probably the highlight of the show if you ask me. I mean they were meant to be funny and change fans mind about C & M getting married, but they did the complete opposite for me. The last clip was probably my favorite, and almost changed my mind about about C & M. Now I want them to get married! listen Now

Just Another AIO Blog is a great blog. It's run by Alex Jefferson, and he give news, reviews, and random oddities (read the logo above). He posted about our podcast on his blog yesterday. Check it Out
As you can see, Joy ( she is on the S.S Boards and the ToO ) has made a new AIO website! It's called Down Odyssey Lane. You should check it out!

Now for some reason or another, everybody who likes AIO suddenly has a AIO website, blog, or even a podcast. Now I'm not saying thats bad ( cause it's AWESOME! ). I'm saying I think I'm seeing a chain of inspiration. Meaning people are inspired by other AIO fans who have AIO websites, blogs, or even PODCAST! So then they go off and make their own website. Like take me for instance, I was inspired to make a podcast from listening to The Unofficial AIO Podcast. I mean I would never have even thought about making an AIO podcast if Chris and Sarah didn't make their podcast first. And I think It's really cool that we can inspire each other without even knowing. Sure some AIO website/blog stop here and there, but others rise here and there. Like The Twist and Turns website and Down Odyssey Lane ( which are both awesome websites ). So I just wanted to say, keep inspiring each other. And those who are inspired by AIO sites, I encourage you to make your own. You never know who you will inspire next.

Also The Unofficial AIO Blog interviewed me! Check it out

Noah (a.k.a Fodo14)
The winners have finally been posted on the Odyssey Scoop! Check it out here.

I'm very impressed with all the submitted photos. Personally I didn't submit any thing.(cause almost all my albums are digital copy), but it is always fun to look through all of the creative photos of Odyssey fan's AIO library.
Well the album 56 cover has finally come out! I know some people don't like this cover cause of Whits ( Super Baby Face ), but a cover is meant to catch a eye and be fun to look at (Unlike the old cover for the second album ). I mean It's got some awesome inventions that we haven't heard of or seen in a while. Whit to me, does look a little silly but that really doesn't rune any thing about this awesome cover. I can't wait for album 56.( Also Did anyone notice THE BOREDOM BUSTER!!!!) just thought I should add that.

I will be posting news and other AIO things on this page