As you can see The Boredom Buster Website is going through some change. We now have a features page which will include AIO and BBP related pages. Right now the only feature we have available is the Wallpaper Page. Which already has three different computer wallpapers to choose from.
There will be more available in the future. If you have any ideas on a feature page for the BBP website, we would love to hear them. 
In other news Alex Jefferson, creator of Just Another AIO Blog. Has given information about his top secret project. There will be two more pages added to his blog. He has not stated what they will be for, but that will be up tomorrow. Also he has just released his no AIO Message Board. That's all for now, make sure you check the wallpaper page before you leave.

fodo14( a.k.a Noah)
7/4/2012 10:54:40 am

Thanks for mentioning me and my site. I'm glad you have a blog as well as a podcast.


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