Season 2 is out and we review Family Vacation, The Day Interdependence Came, and Stormy Weathers. We also have the Guess that Clip!. You can listen to it on iTunes, just search Boredom Buster Podcast. You can also listen to it on our Podcast page, and download it to your computer. now on to the other awesome things. Since it's our next podcast is going to be our 10th podcast EVER!!!!!!!!! We wanted to do some different segments and make the episode extra long. So we our thinking of doing an interview......with our SELVES! Yes want you to send in your questions to us. Asking us about are favorite AIO character, episodes, albums, ect. And really any questions you have about us, Like favorite movie, book, tv show, ect. You can if different ways to contact us on are contact page. And I will be making topic in the ToO and SS.(Town of Odyssey, Soda Shop). But the thing is, we will only do this if we get enough questions. So if you want us to do this SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS!!!!! 

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