Yes yes I know the BBP has not been up to date, and that It's been months since we had a new episode. So I would like to apologize and say that finally we are back and starting things up again. So I would like to put all of you angry listeners at rest and tell you that episode 9 is COMING!!!     

Also The Websters are in and the winners are posted here.(Just Another AIO Blog). I also thought you should know that we WON!!!!!!!!!!!!. We won for best podcast episode, thanks to all the listeners who voted for us.

Well that's it for now, I just wanted you guys to know that were alive. So keep checking back and hope you guys have a awesome labor day weekend. 
The Old Judge
9/3/2012 12:16:11 pm

Well, Fodo, I'm glad to see your still updating this. Several people wre beginning to call the BBP "another failed attempt at an AIO podcast". I can't wait till Episode 9 comes out, so PLEASE PUT IT UP! Thank you!


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