People people people. We are alive and ready for take off. YES, are second season didn't shoot off like we planned. Yes we have been dodging and avoiding any questions related to the BBP. And just to let everyone know.....the next episode is in full swing, and expect to hear from us next week!!!!! I can't wait to get back to you all, I HOPE YOU HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT US!!

In other really random news....

Adventures in Odyssey Thoughts.
Go to that blog, trust's pretty awesome. Hahahh, but really this blog is a pretty nice (and might I add very funny) fun blog. I find her " If AIO Characters Where on Social Networks" to be one of the funniest things. Here are a few....

And another........
HAHAH, I don't know about you....but....I'm dieing here. AHHA
*cough* *cough* anyways stay connect for are next episode, and check this girls blog OUT!

Noah(A.K.A. fodo14)
8/24/2016 11:24:38 pm

wait what girls blog?


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